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Using Blockchain
to track medication in supply chain

Putting an end to counterfeit medication

What is Honestblocks

Counterfeit medicine is a $200 billion industry killing millions each year. Around 10% of medicines across the world are counterfeit and this rate is as high as 30%-40% in some areas of Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Honestblocks is a medication tracking app built on Hyperledger Fabric and Composer with the goal to put an end to counterfeit medication. Each user can create a 'channel', and this allows for simple transactions in a supply chain and tracking of the drug all the way from manufacturer to consumer.

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Key Features

Honestblocks allows for a new way to do drug traceability & data management.

Data storage

Data is stored on the blockchain and is only accessible via a smart contract (smart contracts are used to manage patient data access). This data can be easily transferred from one medical facility to another without worrying about fraud or misuse.

Distributed Ledger

Blockchains distributed ledger approach differs from traditional databases as there is no single point of failure for the data storage, and the ledger is synchronized across the network, which in this case comprises of manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, hospitals and authorities.

Transactions & transfers

The process of keeping the ledger up to date with all parties in the agreement is through Hyperledger Fabrics process of consensus. This involves ordering of transactions or transfers of medication and participating peers on the network to agree on and commit changes to the ledger.

Creation of channels

Fabric allows for the offers the creation of 'channels', which allows a group of participants to create partitioned ledgers for transactions. This allows for commercial entities who may pay or charge different prices to different clients.


The application is filled with individual database populated with some example drug packets. For each patient and medicine, the manufacturer, ID number of a particular drug packet, timestamp of when it was added to the ledger, the current holder and location are noted.

Transaction ID

Each time we add a packet to the registry and Hyperledger generates a unique transaction ID for this event. You are able to change the holder (in this case, from pharmacy chain KVS to a doctor's office), and again a transaction ID logs this event.

About Me

Alishba Imran, 16-year-old Blockchain, & Machine Learning Innovator.

I'm interested in learning about technology and using it to solve some of humanity's hardest & most important problems.

I've spoken at some of the most innovative conferences like TruffleCon in Seattle, Consensys in New York, WHO in Switzerland, GoogleTelecom and Elevate Tech Fest. I'm a DevCon scholar, the largest Blockchain conference!!

I have worked with companies like Wealthsimple, Walmart Labs, and Vestergaard on consulting projects. This summer I interned at TD Bank, one of North America's largest banks to develop a digital identity platform using AI & Blockchain. I've gotten support and mentorship from innovative companies like Microsoft, Google and IBM.

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